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Xi'an Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Food lovers are in for a treat when visiting Xi'an as the city boasts one of the best selections of restaurants in China. The city has a wide range of specialty dishes, with the most popular being shredded pancakes in a mutton or beef broth known as pao mo and filling dumpling buffets.

Dumplings come either steamed or boiled and can be filled with virtually anything, making them the perfect snack or a good accompaniment to a main meal. These dumplings can be bought at hawkers carts all over the city and are also served in top-end restaurants.

Visitors who crave a taste of home will find a good range of Western fast food outlets and other restaurants in Xi'an, while the Muslin quarter specializes in Indian and Western food.

Muslim quarter

Lovers of thick curries and chicken dishes will find an excellent range of Muslim owned restaurants in this district. Those on a tight budget can eat their fill at hawker stalls, while some of the top-end hotels here also serve good Western cuisine.

Dongda Street

This traditional street in Chang'an district is popular with both locals and tourists who want to sample traditional Chinese cuisine. While cheap bites and Chang'an snacks can be bought from vendors on the street, the hotels and restaurants here serve large portions at reasonable prices.

Xiyang Shi

Simply bursting with restaurants, this vibrant street is an excellent place for dining. The restaurants here offer virtually every kind of cuisine imaginable, from traditional Chinese food to rich Indian curries and Western fare. 

Xian restaurants

Defachang Restaurant 
2nd floor, Bell Tower Square, Muslim Quarter
This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and people come from far and wide to sample the restaurant's boiled and steamed dumplings. A wide range of different types of dumplings is available here, including small dragon bun, har kao, and crystal dumpling. 

May-First Hotel

351 Donda Street
Located in Dongda Street, the May-First Hotel serves an excellent selection of gourmet food from all over China. Specializing in steamed buns and tradition Chang'an Chinese style snacks, this is a great place to eat a memorable meal with friends and loved ones. 

Bell Tower Hotel

110 South Avenue, Muslim Quarter
Bell Tower Hotel is the perfect place to indulge after a day of sightseeing. This stylish restaurant serves a wide range of dishes from all around the world include gourmet Chinese, French and Italian favorites. 

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