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Kuching Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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There are plenty of tempting treats waiting in Kuching for those who want to sink their teeth into something tasty. There are a good number of restaurants as well as cheap hawker stalls and a good place to eat is along the banks of the river where good food is combined with pretty scenery.

Sarawak, particularly Kuching, has advanced its food culture since forming with Malaysia in 1963. Peninsular Malaysian food has always been part of Sarawakian fare, with murtabak (bread filled with spiced, minced meat), nasi lemak (a creamy coconut curry featuring chicken or mutton), and roti canai (flatbread) being local favorites.

More recently international cuisine has emerged from Thailand such as tom yam (sour and spicy soup), while Indonesian dishes such as soto (a chicken dish with a fiery chili sauce) and bakso (noodle soup with meatballs) are also popular.

Singaporean delicacies like nasi ayam Singapura (roast chicken with rice) are also well represented. Chinese restaurants are now also serving Korean and Vietnamese dishes. Western food is very popular with locals as well as visitors, with fast food chains, buffets and pizza joints everywhere.


Padungan is a great restaurant district and very convenient for the local police station. Malay Chinese and Filipino dishes are all served here. It is less of a Muslim area than Satok in some ways, so expect more pork dishes to appear on the menus. This district is a not the first option for the budget conscious, but the foodies love it here.


Satok is a fabulous and very reasonably priced district and is popular with visitors and residents. The Benteng alone has over 30 stalls and it's open until 4:00, serving mainly Malay dishes. Satok also has a very good number of Halal stalls and restaurants and is a great place to try grilled chicken wings. A must for the Muslim visitor as a strict Halal policy is observed by many places.

Wayang Street

Wayang Street is one of the most expensive district to eat in, which is not surprising given its exotic location near to the Waterfront. Superb Chinese food along with fresh and delicious seafood is served. Many of the restaurants have the same owners so it is possible to order from other locations and all have varied and luxurious interiors. The best wine in town can also be bought here. 

Kuching restaurants

See Good Food Centre
Ban Hock Road
Phone: +606 82 251 397
For a very casual, quiet seafood restaurant visit the See Good Food Centre, located opposite Hua Kuok Inn. The food is fresh and delicious and the restaurant doesn't take reservations so diners should make sure they arrive early. 

Pinoy Grill Café 
143 Jalan Pandugan 
Phone: +606 82 896 5651
Pinoy Grill Café is a compact and friendly restaurant serving excellent Filipino food. Try the fried whole leg of pork, which comes well recommended. 

112 Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Phone: +606 82 255 262
A popular riverside restaurant, which specializes in fresh Chinese seafood. A combination of great food and service makes this a favorite with groups as well as smaller parties. 

The Junk
27 Jalan Tabuan, Wayang Street
Phone: +606 82 259 450
A great restaurant located almost on the waterfront and serves Western/Italian fare. The Junk is a fine example of colonial Chinese architecture and is popular with locals and expats who demand stylish dining. 

Bla Bla Bla
Wayang Street
Phone: +606 82 233 944
The same owners as The Junk opened this classic Chinese restaurant a few years ago. The popular venue serves fine Chinese cuisine with a Balinese twist. 

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