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Kaohsiung Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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Kaohsiung may not be the sightseeing capital of Asia but there are plenty of attractions in Taiwan's second-largest city to keep most visitors looking about for at least a few days. If nothing else, the approach to skyscraper design should inspire many happy snaps.

On the flipside to the futuristic piles downtown are the quaint fishing spots of Kaohsiung which have been substantially gentrified but still retain an intriguing air of a time gone by. The Cijin district is a self-contained island just off shore and its seafood restaurants are truly in a class of their own.

Kaohsiung's fine harbor means that water activities can be enjoyed year round. Plenty of regattas and waterskiing take place but the harbor is not really suitable for swimming. All users of waterways here should be advised that the harbor is a busy commercial and heavy industrial sea port, so watch out for cargo ships.

Cijin district

This narrow slip of land is linked to the mainland by a series of tunnels, and some can be used by pedestrians. The entire space is packed with seafood restaurants and on a weekend, local families with their children can make Cijin a crowded place. Fresh catches are laid out and selections are cooked to order.

British Old Embassy

This lovely red brick building of the British Old Embassy overlooks the main harbor at Kaohsiung. It still operates as the current British Consulate but tours are available for visitors who want to wander through the leafy gardens and ornate hallways of this interesting slice of a time gone by.

Dream Mall

Why not put a full size ferris wheel on the roof of Asia's second-largest shopping mall? Visitors will need to take a bus or taxi to reach Dream Mall, which was built just outside the city center, presumably because it is simply too large to have been able to fit anywhere else. The sweeping outer walls and large concourses host many major public events and there are thousands of shops inside.

Love River

Though it is really called the River Ai, the Love River is a divine place to spend some time. At day, kites and paper sailing boats play about the area while at night, dazzling colored lights are reflected in the water. Visitors here during the Lantern Festival (March) will be in for a very special treat.

Kaohsiung 85 Observation Deck

The Tuntex Sky Tower has an observation deck on its 74th floor. The super speed elevator whisks visitors to the summit in less than one minute and there is a bar and a lounge right outside the exit to the elevator. 

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