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Kuching Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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There are a number of pretty gardens to wander in, complete with picturesque backdrops of the Bungo Mountains. Hong San Temple is an impressive example of Chinese temple art, while the Islamic Museum and the Sarawak Museum are good places to learn about the history and culture of this fascinating city.

The best view of the city can be found at the top of Jalan Taman Budaya from the Kuching Civic Centre observation platform; a great photo opportunity and home of the highest public toilet in Kuching. Taking a stroll along the famous waterfront is a rewarding activity and this is the city's most popular meeting place.

All of the museums here are well worth visiting and the mosques, though hardly ancient, are nonetheless simply breathtaking. Buses can be a little on the ancient side and taxis a little more expensive than elsewhere in Asia. There are the usual motorcycle taxis and the city is very pedestrian friendly. Car hire is also easy to organize.


Kuching is home to Malaysia's first ever Planetarium and this is an entertaining way to learn about the solar system, although it feels as though the museum hasn't been updated since it was first built. Many buses go past this popular destination and all taxis know it.

Kuching Waterfront

Made up of converted original warehouses, this is an unmissable destination for the traveler. Many photo opportunities of Astana and Fort Margherita are to be had here during the day and at night you can walk, sample the local delicacies and people watch. It is within walking distance of Kuching's major hotels.

The Astana

The Astana is a beautiful palace and is home for the head of state for Sarawak. Located on the north bank of the river next to the Orchid Garden, it was built in 1870 by Charles Brooke as a bridal gift for his beloved wife, Margaret. Catch a bus shuttle or taxi at main hotels.

Taman Budaya

Taman Budaya is located at Jalan Taman Budaya, next door to the prison. It is a great place for jogging and walking as it is slightly hilly and well landscaped. In the center of these beautiful gardens is a large pond, which is a perfect place to relax. A bus shuttle is the best way to get here.

Medan Raya Complex

Medan Raya Complex can be found at Petra Jaya. Originally planned as the State Government Administrative Centre, this area is perfect for jogging, walking, people watching and sightseeing. There is a large lake which the locals use for speedboat racing. The complex is easily accessible by shuttle bus.

Kuching City Mosque

Kuching City Mosque is located near the open-air market. It was built in 1968. Its fabulous design owes much to Mid-Western and Italian architecture and it is a wonderful place for visiting Muslims to worship. It can be reached on foot and be combined with a market trip. 

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Located at Jalan Padungan by the Main Bazaar, this is the oldest Chinese temple in Borneo. Built in 1843 and strategically placed in the center of this fine city, it is home to various festivals including the Wang Kang and Ghost festivals and is a must-see for the visitor. It is not too far on foot from the Main Bazaar. 

Friendship Garden

The Friendship Garden is located at Tabuan Heights. A symbol of friendship between China and Malaysia, this marvelous crafted park has koi fish pools, manicured lawns and wishing wells. It is the perfect place for a picnic or just looking around in amazement. A bus shuttle is the best method of transport. 

Sarawak Museum

The Sarawak State Museum is the oldest museum in Borneo, established in 1888 in a purpose-built building in central Kuching. It is now called the Ethnology Museum as it houses various displays and historical items from Sarawak. It's best to use the bus shuttles for a visit here. 

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