Bimhuis is at the heart of Amsterdam, which is considered one of Europe’s top jazz scenes. Opened in 1974 as a collaboration between prominent Dutch jazz musicians, it has become one of the most renowned jazz and improvised music venues in the world.

    While playing host to many international jazz greats, Bimhuis also provides a venue for conservatory students, up-and-coming musicians and experimental projects. New and exciting rhythms and sounds from around the world are greatly encouraged, and the venue hosts workshops and jam sessions that help to promote the intimate feel of the locale.

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    Highlights of Bimhuis

    Conceived by pianist Misha Mengelberg, saxophonist Hans Dufler and wind player Willem Breuker, Bimhuis was established in an old furniture store on Oudeschans. The venue, which was stripped down to the bare concrete walls and floor, gave jazz and improvised musicians a place to call home.

    Bimhuis has attracted many big names, such as Charles Mingus, Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra to its stage throughout the years. The venue underwent a renovation in 1984 that turned it into an amphitheater before it was moved to its new location in 2005 at the Muziekgebouw complex close to the central station.

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    Good things to know about visiting Bimhuis

    With up to 300 concerts a year, Bimhuis features both Dutch and international jazz musicians. The location is state of the art, with cutting-edge technology and excellent acoustics in its intimate amphitheater containing a little over 200 seats.

    Bimhuis, in addition to fabulous music, offers wonderful views of the city, a large terrace, and a cafe. Tuesday nights are jam sessions and the caliber of the musicians is exceptional. With the North Sea Jazz Festival happening in Rotterdam every July, many international jazz greats also hit the Bimhaus venue, as well, so it is a great time to visit.

    photo by Ziemowit Cabanek (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Location: Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Open: Sunday—Tuesday from 7 pm to 1 am, Wednesday—Saturday from 7 pm to 3 am

    Phone: +31 (0)20 788 2150

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