Javastraat is one of East Amsterdam’s coolest streets where traditional butchers and bakeries sit side-by-side with hip coffeeshops and bars. Visiting this part of Amsterdam still feels like uncharted territory for many, with the tourist hordes of the centre a world away.

    Javastraat and the wider east of Amsterdam have been home to thriving immigrant communities for generations. Today, the area’s Indonesian, Ethiopian, Surinamese and Turkish population continues to lend Javastraat a cosmopolitan feel that’s quite unlike anything else in the city.

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    What are the highlights of Javastraat in Amsterdam?

    Heading to this bustling, buzzing street in the east of the city brings with it the opportunity to see a side of Amsterdam rarely seen by tourists. The best way to enjoy this is to simply spend some time strolling the length of Javastraat on foot, taking in the many and varied sights, smells and sounds that fill the air.

    If it’s activities you seek then Javastraat also has those in spades. From the vintage stores littered across the eastern end of the street to the slick boutiques popping up, the shopping opportunities on Javastraat and around are some of the most exciting in the area.

    Just a short hop over to Timorplein will bring you to Studio/K, one of Amsterdam’s trendiest venues for cinema, arts and creative goodness. A packed cultural calendar collides with a buzzy, international restaurant to create a diverse, unique venue representative of East Amsterdam and Javastraat’s ongoing regeneration.

    At the nearby Q-Factory, gigs of all kinds draw music lovers to the Javastraat area. One of Europe’s biggest music venues, the complex is also home to one of several trendy hotels popping up in this chic quarter of Amsterdam in recent years.

    Where to eat and drink on Javastraat in Amsterdam?

    Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for locals and visitors to visit Javastraat is for dining and nightlife. Home to some of the city’s finest international cuisine as well as a clutch of up and coming fine-dining establishments, the area is also known in hipster crowds as boasting some of the coolest watering holes in town.

    Head to Ricardo’s for incredible and authentic Surinamese cuisine before finishing off your meal with a visit to Tugra Baklava, one of Javastraat’s best spots for the sticky-sweet Middle Eastern delicacy. Those who prefer to eat al fresco can head to Bar Basquiat, where the falafel and pita-style pizzas come with a hipster twist. For a taste of Javastraat’s burgeoning modern gastronomic culture, head to Wilde Zwijnen for contemporary Dutch fare. Think wild boar, octopus and delicious heritage cheeses served alongside one of an extensive, diverse selection of international wines.

    By night, Javastraat ups the ante even further when the area becomes a magnet for young, hip Amsterdammers who shun the crowds of the city centre for a more discerning drinking scene. At Bar Bukowski, the sister bar of Basquiat, the gin selection is mightily impressive whilst the clientele is of the creative, vibrant type. Elsewhere, Brouerie T’IJ is the undisputed spot for all things craft beer, with a number of prestigious awards to its name.

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    Good to know about Javastraat in Amsterdam

    Javastraat is easy to access despite being located outside Amsterdam’s traditional centre. The area is served by the Amsterdam, 1e v.Swindenstraat transit stop at the western end and the Javaplein stop at the eastern end. Nearby, Oosterpark is a great spot to slow down and relax amid nature on a warm day in Amsterdam.

    Javastraat in Amsterdam

    James Connolly | Guest Writer

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