Trondheim is positively bursting with excellent places to eat, and there's a major interest in tasting new dishes. This is also one of Norway's richest regions when it comes to farming, hunting and fishing.

    This gives the restaurants a wide choice of fresh and tasty ingredients, resulting in excellent food - even in the most modest settings. But there's no need for modesty in Trondheim: The number of top quality restaurants increases year on year.


    Vertshuset Grenaderen

    Hearty food in traditional surroundings

    Vertshuset Grenaderen is located in a side building to Erkebispegården, with wonderful views of Nidelva. Like the other buildings in the area, the interior is one of old grandeur, taking you right back to a time when Nidaros - not Trondheim - was the capital of a powerful Viking empire.

    The menu at Grenaderen reflects and celebrates Norwegian traditions without reinventing the wheel: Classic fish dishes, meat and game, all served with the region's best vegetables and topped of with delicious desserts.

    Location: Kongsgårdsgata 1E, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 12.00-24.00. Sarurday: 14.00-24.00. Sunday: 14.00-20.00

    Phone: +47 73 51 66 80


    photo by Jonas Ahrentorp (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Troll restaurant

    Norwegian flavours with an exotic twist

    Fosenkaia, where Troll restaurant is located, has gone from being a combination of a parking and cargo area to becoming a popular place to spend a few hours with friends. The restaurant is located almost right outside the door of Trondheim Central Station, and is therefore easy to find for anyone visiting the city.

    However, this is also a favourite haunt of Trondheim locals, who eagerly flock there to enjoy dishes such as untraditional ribs, rakfish with a twist, and many other exciting incarnations of traditional Norwegian fare. The three or five-course menus are without doubt some of the city's best.

    Location: Fosenkaia 4A, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Monday-Saturday: 16.00-22.00. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 73 48 79 90


    Røft Rotisseri

    Rustic dishes with a Mexican twist

    You don't have to walk far from Trondheim's Central Station before you reach one of the city's best restaurants, Røft Rotisseri. The menu offers good, honest and tasty dishes. Portions are generous and the staff know how to take care of you and your party with a service that's about more than just filling your tummy.

    Røft Rotisseri is also known for being one of Trondheim's best restaurants for authentic American fare, so visitors from the other side of the Atlantic need never feel homesick.

    Location: Sjøgangen 6, Trondheim Central Station, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Monday: 10.00-21.00. Friday-Saturday: 10.00-22.00

    Phone: +47 73 18 81 00


    Kona Midtbyen

    A top 10 of your favourite Asian dishes

    Norwegians are big fans of all types of Asian food, and the pan-Asian menu at Kona Midbyen really meets this need.

    They have narrowed down their the selection to a few classics and innovative dishes cooked in the tradition of the countries they represent. The menu features a range of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Thai food, so you're bound to find a new favourite here. Vegetarians will also find plenty to suit their tastes.

    Location: Carl Johans gate 8, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Monday: 16.00-23.00. Tuesday-Thursday: 17.00-23.00. Friday-Saturday: 17.00-02.00. Sunday: 17.00-21.00

    Phone: +47 408 87 758


    Bror Bar & Restaurant

    Good, honest food with a twist

    Bror Bar offers a menu of burgers and tacos with plenty of rock'n'roll on the side. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes Bror a really pleasant place to eat.

    The Norwegian tradition of Friday tacos is something this restaurant has chosen to take seriously, and their Taco Friday Kit is one of the biggest bestsellers on the menu: It comes with everything you need to make tacos with, just like at home, but on a much higher level!

    Location: Olav Tryggvasons Gate 29, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 15.00-21.00. Friday: 15.00-23.00. Saturday: 12.00-23.00.

    Phone: +47 458 31 526



    The best ingredients combined into pure luxury

    With direct delivery lines to farms in the region, Credo is bursting with good Norwegian produce and farmers. The set menu offers between 20-25 different small dishes over the course of the evening.

    These change daily and naturally include a great drinks package with a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Credo is just a short distance from Lademoen, a great bonus if you live here. You'll be so full and satisfied after your meal here that you can just roll home to bed.

    Location: Ladeveien 9, 7066 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Tuesday: closed. Wednesday-Saturday: 18.00-24.00.

    Phone: +47 954 37 028



    Sit back and prepare your taste buds

    Fagn restaurant knows that you want fine dining, and that you trust the kitchen to know what they're doing. There's no a-la-carte menu here, but you can choose from the big and small taster menus.

    The same applies to the drink packages offered, and you're guaranteed a very impressive dining experience in the heart of Trondheim. In addition to the inspiring wine packages, Fagn also has a wonderful juice menu, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go for a non-alcoholic alternative.

    Location: Ørjaveita 4, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Tuesday: closed. Wednesday-Saturday: 18.00-24.00.

    Phone: +47 458 44 996


    To rom og kjøkken

    Producing magic from the finest ingredients

    To rom og kjøkken is one of the more classic restaurants in Trondheim, but is also far more than just a restaurant. This restaurant also holds wine tastings, cookery courses and many other team-building activities.

    The benefit of these is that you get to know the staff better and they get to know your taste. It's no wonder that Trondheim residents return here again and again. To rom og kjøkken is the perfect place to visit if some people are more hungry than others: you can choose from three, five or seven courses!

    Location: Carl Johans gate 5, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Monday-Saturday: 16.00-24.00. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 73 56 89 00


    Bakgården bar & spiseri

    A fiery meal with a variety of flavours

    The first thing you notice when you enter Bakgården bar & spiseri is the wonderful smell of grill, spices and busy but talented staff. Here nothing is left to circumstance.

    The menu consists of tapas so good you think you're in Spain. The only thing that stops you from thinking you're actually there is the outdoor climate - if visiting Trondheim in the colder half of the year that is. The wine list is also one of the most impressive in the city.

    Location: Kjøpmannsgata 40, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 16.00-22.00. Friday-Saturday: 16.00-23.00.

    Phone: +47 452 22 488


    Baklandet Skydsstation

    Food for the soul

    It's no coincidence that Baklandet Skydsstation has a name that reflects that Norway was once a part of Denmark. The menu offers a mix of popular flavours from our neighbour in the south, and Skydsstationen has even made itself popular with herring tables in true Danish fashion.

    And taking into account that Bakklandet is perhaps Trondheim's nicest district, you are perfectly set for a full evening that starts with warm liver pate and ends in hot drinks, as you gaze out over the river.

    Location: Øvre Bakklandet 33, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 11.00-01.00. Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-01.00.

    Phone: +47 73 92 10 44


    photo by Kubos16 (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

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