Although Trondheim is a city with many great activities and sights, a visit to this part of the country is not complete without the scent of fresh forests and fields or the feel of wind in your hair and sea spray on your face. Discover some of the best experiences in Trondheim's immediate surroundings - a short distance from the city by car or public transport. Local Norwegians love their historic buildings, pretty towns and beautiful scenery - and you will too.



    Excursions outside the city centre

    Between Trondheim and the fjord in the west lies Byneset and Bymarka, and an almost endless choice of nature experiences just a short distance from the city centre. Trondheim's nearest, and for many the best, hiking area is a short car ride outside the city, which makes it a great location for a day out.

    Bymarka is divided into several different areas, with some more accessible than others. So even if you struggle to get around, you can still get to enjoy the forest and countryside.


    Trip to Jonsvatnet

    Short or long, remote or close to the city - you decide

    Jonsvatnet is a large lake located just east of Trondheim, about 15 minutes by car from the centre. In this rural and peaceful part of the country, it's easy to forget that you're just a short drive from shopping, restaurants and hotels.

    If you plan to spend the whole day out in the country, pack something to eat and drink and take a hike round the lake - it can take up to seven hours! Alternatively, take it a little easier and just enjoy the area.


    The wooden house town of Levanger

    Small town atmosphere with plenty of photo opportunities

    Just an hour's drive outside Trondheim - further north on the E6, to be exact - you will find the idyllic Levanger. Here it can feel as if time stands still, and much of the town's architecture has been preserved for over 100 years.

    Obviously many parts of the city have actually developed, so you can both shop and get good food here, and take advantage of the wealth of photo opportunities. If you haven't got a car, getting here is easy by public transport.



    Monastery ruins in lush surroundings

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    It's not far to Tautra from Trondheim city centre - if you swim or fly that is. The town is visible on clear days, and it lies just one air mile away, and straight across the fjord. But to get to Tautra by car, you need to allow a good hour.

    This exciting island with its monastery and bird sanctuary is located in the Trondheimfjord outside Frosta, amidst historic and verdant surroundings. If you decide to visit, enjoy the tranquility of being close to nature and your own inner peace.


    Monk's Island

    Historic sights on many levels

    Monk's Island has protected Trondheim from attack from the sea for many years, but before that the island stood as the last bulwark against invading fleets and protected the city from far more heavenly dangers.

    As one of the larger monasteries in the area, Monk's Island and its activities were important to the church community around what, after all, was once Norway's capital. After its many different functions and roles, the island is now one of the most popular places to go for a picnic or swim or just to enjoy the scenery.

    Location: 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Open: 10.00-17.00

    Phone: +47 950 82 144



    Forts along the fjord don't get better than this

    Not only does Steinvikholm Castle have a long and fascinating history as one of the most important fortifications in Trøndelag, it was in fact the largest building erected in Norway throughout the Middle Ages.

    The large stones in the fortress show how well protected the Åsenfjord was against foreign invasion forces throughout this era and until the end of the 16th century. The ruin has been significantly renovated in the last 100 years, so that Steinvikholm Castle now looks like it did in its heyday.

    Location: Steinvikholmen, 7510 Skatval, Norway

    Open: 11.00-17.00

    Phone: +47 917 00 175



    Historical memorial that brings World War II to life

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    Falstad in Ekne is a place to get together over historical memories from the last war and the occupation we experienced in this country. This is where many local prisoners were imprisoned for their political views or just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    But Falstadsenteret is far more than just a war memorial: Art also has a prominent role here and artists can stay here and work in the picturesque surroundings, while also getting an opportunity to display their works in the centre.

    Location: Falstadvegen 59, 7624 Ekne, Norway

    Open: Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-16.00. Monday-Friday: closed.

    Phone: +47 74 02 80 40


    photo by The Falstad Centre (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Vassfjellet ski centre

    Winter's prettiest meeting place for young and old

    With six lifts and a wide number of slopes of all levels of difficulty, Vassfjellet ski centre is a wonderful place to spend a day outside Trondheim in the winter. Just a half-hour drive from the city centre, you'll be having fun in the snow and getting a warm welcome from the friendly locals.

    High visitor numbers are fortunately no disadvantage for Vassfjellet ski centre, because it has meant that they have been able to invest in a great place to eat, and state-of-the-art facilities to suit all levels.

    Location: Tulluan, 7540 Klæbu, Norway

    Open: Monday: 17.00-21.00 Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-21.00. Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00.

    Phone: +47 72 83 02 00


    Hegra fortress

    It used to keep the Swedes out, now it's everyone

    Hegra Fortress is located along the Stjørdal river, about halfway between Trondheim and the Swedish border. The fortress has a strategically important location, and soldiers from Norway's eastern neighbour have tried several times to pass it.

    As well as giving you a deep insight into one of the Armed Forces' most exciting buildings, Hegra Fortress is surrounded by fantastic and breath-taking scenery. Stjørdalselva is a river that attracts wealthy salmon fishermen, and the area is strongly geared towards day tourists who live or stay in Trondheim - which makes it exceptionally easy to visit the area.

    Location: 7520 Stjørdal, Norway

    Open: 12.00-21.30

    Phone: +47 815 70 400


    photo by Cato Edvardsen (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Pleasant nature reserve with space and walks for everyone

    Skarvan and Roltdalen are nature spots about an hour east of Trondheim city, and very popular places to visit for both visitors and residents in the area. Skarvan itself is a small chain of mountain peaks located in the nature reserve, with peaks of up to 1200 metres above sea level.

    The view from the highest summit – Storskarvan – is unbeatable. On clear days, you can see all the way into Sweden and south to Dovre. Trips to the summit are doable for most people, as long as you allow plenty of time.

    Location: 7580 Selbu, Norway


    photo by Štěpán Roh (CC BY 2.0) modified

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