Sokcho is one of South Korea’s most northerly cities and has fascinating historical links with North Korea. The DMZ is just an hour to the north, which you can visit on arranged tours. You’ll get an insight into this heavily militarized no man's land, which is set incongruously in a tranquil and picturesque mountain landscape.

    There are plenty of leisurely activities in Sokcho, particularly in Seoraksan National Park. There are mountains ripe for hiking, where waterfalls tumble and Buddhist shrines occupy lofty positions. On Sokcho Beach, you can sample gimbap (Korean sushi rolls), made with the freshest catch.

    What to see & do in Sokcho

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    Sokcho things to do include a wide range of activities from visiting natural spas and water parks to touring ancient temples, scenic national parks, beaches and exciting classic theme parks. If you want panoramic views to light up your social media, you'll find them at places like Younggeumjeong Pavilion, Ulsanbawi Rock, the Seoraksan Cable Car, Expo Tower and Biryong Falls. You can go hiking at Oeongchi Bada Hyangiro Trail or... Read more

    Where & what to eat in Sokcho

    Sokcho is a bustling port city with a strong seafood tradition and plenty of local delicacies made with seasonal, freshly sourced produce and fish brought in right off the docks. One of the city's specialities is mulhoe, a spicy, sweet and salty raw fish soup chilled with ice. Chungchosoo Fish is a famed restaurant specialising in this dish. Surprisingly, Korean fried chicken is a popular local dish, and Sokcho is... Read more

    Where to shop & what to buy in Sokcho

    • 5 Best Places to Go Shopping in Sokcho

      Shopping in Sokcho includes selecting your favourite seafood. Reasonably priced raw and dried fish are readily available at Daepo Port, Dongmyeong Port, and Jangsa Port near the city. Sokcho's iconic traditional market, Sokcho Tourist Fish Market (formerly Jungang Market) offers a variety of local foods and fresh seafood.

    Where to go & what to do at night in Sokcho

    • 5 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Sokcho

      Yeonggeumjeong is a beautiful, bright pavilion which lights up the dark sea at night. It is named for the sound you can hear as the waves crash into the rocks below, which is said to sound like a ‘geomungo’, a traditional Korean zither. The Expo Tower, where you can see the city of Sokcho as well as Ulsanbawi Rock and...

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    • Sokcho Travel Essentials

      Our Sokcho Travel Essentials guide includes the basics and the details you need to make the most out of your holiday to this iconic Korean city in the Gangwon Province. You can learn about the local climate, the currency, emergency phone numbers, plug styles and more, as well as find out the best way to get into town and travel...

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