The weather in Hue goes through hot and humid seasons throughout the year, but it’s known to be hotter than most cities during the summer months due to its location in Central Vietnam and the hot south-westerly wind from Laos. The dry season lasts between March and August, followed by cooler (and rainy) weather from September to February.

    The hottest months are May and August, when it can get as high as 40°C during the day. Hue is also typically crowded with local travellers during this period, resulting in limited and more expensive accommodation.


    Best time to visit Hue

    The best time to visit Hue is between January and April, with temperatures averaging between 20°C and 24°C. Rainfall is common but often comes in a light drizzle during the day. During this time of year, you can still comfortably explore Hue’s historical sites and temples on foot.

    Annual festivities take place at this time of the year, such as Tet (between January and February) and the Hue Festival (April). Visitors can enjoy cultural shows, vibrant markets, traditional music performances, re-enactments of royal ceremonies, and seasonal regional dishes.


    Rainy season in Hue

    The rainy season in Hue falls between September and December, resulting in fewer crowds and lower hotel rates. Temperatures drop to around 19°C and rainfall tends to occur frequently and lasts for hours. If you’re planning to visit Hue during this season, it’s best to avoid travelling in October or November as these are statistically the wettest months of the year.

    Penny Wong | Compulsive Traveller

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