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Kaohsiung Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Eating is one of the main pastimes of the people of Kaohsiung. There is not really an area in town that doesn't offer some kind of fast food outlet, food court or fine dining restaurant and the quality of the food here is absolutely first rate.

The real draw card of the Kaohsiung dining scene is the seafood. Without a doubt, it reaches its peak in Cijin district, which is a narrow island reached by underground tunnels that is wall-to-wall seafood restaurants. All the dining options here cook fresh catches that have come straight from the ocean and diners can simply point at what they want and have it cooked up for them on the spot.

Elsewhere, an international feel can be found with great Thai, Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants on every other corner. The five-star hotels of the high-rise district offer superb dining with spectacular views from upper storey restaurants.

Liouho Night Market

This break from the high-rise scene is a traveler's favorite. Locals love it too, and the pork stuffed rice balls and oyster omelets are the snacks that generate the longest queues. Liouho Night Market is located on Liouho Road, and is in within easy walking distance from Kaohsiung Railway Station. It comes alive after dark.

Cijin district

Underground pedestrian tunnels link Cijin Island to the mainland at Kaohsiung and the underwater walk is rewarded with innumerable seafood restaurants that range from shanty type shacks with a kitchen out the back to palatial fine diners. Cijin district is the main non-market dining area of Kaohsiung.

SanMin district

In the northeast part of Kaohsiung is the upscale part of town. A great number of western fast food outlets are here but superb Korean and Thai restaurants line the streets too. Naturally, the Taiwanese dining options are fantastic and if a new buzz restaurant opens in Kaohsiung, it usually opens somewhere in SanMin district.

Kaohsiung restaurants

Lai Lai Seafood Barbecue Restaurant
53 Minsheng 2nd Road
Phone: +886 74 215 6966
This raucous place is sure to bring new arrivals up to Taiwanese eating traditions in light speed. The custom here is to just tell the waiters how much you are prepared to spend and anything that you can't or won't eat, and they'll organize a feast for you, no more questions asked.

Wudu Organic House
114 Sihwei 2nd Road
Phone: +886 74 556 1178
This organic restaurant nestles on the banks of the Love River. It has a wholesome macrobiotic menu and also, a gift shop full of books on meditation, reincarnation, and the path to inner light.

Shou-Yu Vegetarian Buffet
274 Jhonsiao 1st Road
Phone: +886 74 225 7844
There are branches of Shou-Yu all over Taiwan and also all across Kaohsiung but this is the grand daddy of them all. Rows and rows of vegetarian selections are refreshed by the minute and the place is enough to make a non-meat eater cry.

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