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A guide to Serbia – rolling hills, medieval architecture and energetic cities

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Overcoming a turbulent past, Serbia is, for those in the know, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Rapidly attracting more tourists’ year on year, this landlocked country is home to some of the most stunning landscapes and intriguing cities that you’re ever likely to visit. Head north and wander the vast fertile plains of Vojvodina, journey south for ancient mountains and rolling hills, or grab your skis and hit the slopes of Kopaonik in the central region.

Nenad Marinkovic

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North Serbia


Awash with lush, fertile lands, Vojvodina province marks the northern region. A rich tapestry of endless agricultural fields knit the land together forming the country’s farming territory. Head to the north’s cosmopolitan capital, Novi Sad, and take in the historic architecture as you stroll along the banks of the River Danube.


South Serbia


With its assorted heritage and spectacular natural beauty, the southern region offers the ideal blend of discovery and serenity in equal measures. Jump on the chairlift in the popular ski resorts of Zlatibor and Kopaonik. Alternatively, for a more tranquil experience, wander the stone ramparts of the fortress in Nis and discover more about its archaeological importance.


East Serbia


With fast-flowing rivers cutting through steep gorges, East Serbia is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Head to the sleepy village of Poganovo and visit the breathtaking monastery nestled amongst lush green trees. While here, make sure to bring your walking boots and take a hike, following the Jerma River as it flirts its way back and forth across the border with Bulgaria.


West Serbia


Mountainous by nature, the western region is not short of breath-taking vistas. The Zlatibor region especially, is a popular destination for visitors all year round. The quaint alpine town of Mokra Gora should be on any itinerary, offering the perfect antidote to the hustle of the country’s capital. For a truly unique experience, hop aboard the Sargan Eight railway as it meanders its way through the picturesque mountains and past traditional wooden-built houses.


Central Serbia


Home to the capital, Belgrade, the central region offers an intriguing snapshot into the country’s past, present and future. With a fascinating mix, historic and contemporary appear to dwell in relative harmony. Discover the city’s old quarter and walk the garrison at Kalemegdan, peruse the cobbled streets of Skadarlija and take in the city’s thriving artisan culture, or dance the night away in one of the many eclectic clubs dotted all over the capital.