Jeju (sometimes known as Cheju) is a paradise for couples and honeymooners. Located off the southern coast of South Korea, the island is serviced by an international airport that has regular service from parts of Japan, Shanghai, and mainland South Korea. A big advantage the island has over nearby Korea destinations is its sub-tropical climate. During winter, the northern part of island occasionally experiences light snow in winter while tangerines are being harvested in the southern end.

Jeju is known for its natural wonders, from waterfalls and beaches to snow-capped peaks. The island has had a unique culture of its own and there are many ways in which you can catch a glimpse of this island's history and traditions.

What to see & do in Jeju City

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Jeju attractions are what draws travellers to this tropical island every year. Surrounded by the Korea Strait, it features a volcanic landscape of craters and towering mountain ranges. There are scenic trails leading to the summit of a dormant volcano, which stands 1,950 metres above sea level. Waterfalls dot the lush forests of the island – the best time to visit is in spring, when waters cascade at full force...

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Where & what to eat in Jeju City

Food and dining in Jeju offers a unique culinary experience where you can explore the heart of traditional Korean dining and enjoy ages-old delicacies. Restaurant culture in Jeju tends towards a more focused menu with fewer choices and large, shareable portions. Side dishes are usually free and come with your meal. The basic side staples are kimchi, seasoned sprouts and greens, and pickled vegetables with soy. You might also enjoy...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Jeju City

  • 9 Best Places to Go Shopping in Jeju Island

    The best places to go shopping in Jeju attract those looking to shop for Korean goods and souvenirs. Markets are known for quality products at affordable prices – authentic handicrafts make amazing gifts to take home for family and friends. You can also enjoy shopping in an underground arcade, where there are hundreds of shops selling just about anything you...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Jeju City

Nightlife in Jeju offers a wide range of pubs, clubs, cocktail lounges, craft brewing and after-dinner eats and entertainment so that no matter your preference you'll find late-night fun. Just behind the airport, Nilmori Dong Dong bar offers arts and crafts exhibitions with good cocktails and food. For craft beer, wine and sou, head for Bistro the Barn with its soulful vinyl music in the city centre. For a refined...

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