North Jeolla Province (also called Jeonbuk) is a province in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula offering living history, stunning natural vistas, colourful public art and centuries of history. At places like Naejangsan National Park, you can walk miles of hiking trails and capture panoramic mountain vistas for miles around, and it's also famed for its brilliant autumn foliage. Deogyusan is a national park offering a mountain with valleys and cascading waterfalls. Jaman Mural Village is famous for its colourful buildings and alleyways.

Pungnammun Gate is a pagoda-style gateway that once led to a fortress. The Gyeonggijeon Shrine contains a portrait museum with images of famous local figures. At the Nambu Market, you can explore dozens of vendors selling locally made arts and crafts as well as delicious takeaway street food delicacies. The kids will love a trip to the Jeonju Zoo with its hundreds of species of exotic animals. For something different, the Jeondong Cathedral is a Catholic church tucked among Buddhist temples featuring Romanesque art and sculptures of Christian martyrs.

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  • Jeonju

    Jeonju, the largest city in Jeollabuk-do, is steeped in quaint and traditional beauty around every corner. The moment you arrive at Jeonju Toll Gate or Jeonju Station, which are built in the style of traditional hanok buildings, one realizes that Jeonju is truly a representative Korean city. Jeonju Hanok Village, the most famous attraction in the city, is a dainty...

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  • 9 Best Places to Go Shopping in Jeonju

    In Jeonju, you can enjoy cultural experiences and shopping, crossing tradition and modernity. In addition to the Jeonju Crafts Exhibition Hall selling traditional crafts and Jeonju Hanok Village, there are many places where you can check out and buy traditional hanbok and pottery. Nambu Traditional Market is a cosy space where you can immerse yourself in the charm of Jeonju’s...

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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Jeonju

    Looking for fun things to do after dinner in Jeonju? Night-time activities range from low-key ventures like viewing historical monuments to visiting traditional markets, all of which provide a sensory experience and insight into the local culture. After you’ve enjoyed your dinner, come along with us, stretch your legs and see what exciting adventures await you after sunset in Jeonju. You’ll...

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  • Jeonju Travel Essentials

    Our Jeonju Travel Essentials include all of the most important facts you need to know for your holiday to this South Korean city in North Jeolla. The name translates to 'Perfect Region', and it's certainly fitting given the impressive gastronomy, buildings and festivals the city is home to. In this guide, you'll find detailed information about essential aspects of Jeonju such...

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