South Jeolla Province, also known as Jeollanam-do, is situated on the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula and offers tons of adventures including beaches, coastal views, Buddhist temples and festivals. Some of the most popular festivals in this region include the annual Hampyeong Butterfly Festival and the Gangjin Celadon Pottery Festival. Stunningly unique natural vistas can be found at the Juknokwon Bamboo Forest where you’ll enjoy paved walking trails through enormous bamboo plants. At the Boseong Green Tea Fields, you can walk through the trees of a fragrant and scenic tea plantation.<

For Buddhist temples, Baekyangsa offers a temple complex surrounded by forests, while Geomosan Hyangilam offers an ornate temple on the seashore with ocean views. Kids thrill to the Aqua Planet Yeosu aquarium where not only can they see oceanic species up close, but they also can touch many in the touch pools, and the family can enjoy sea life shows. For traditional local culture and history, walk the streets of Naganeupseong Folk Village.

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  • Yeosu

    Yeosu’s coastline is famous for its temperate climate and lush greenery, as well as outstanding beaches. A favourite hangout is Manseongri Beach, which has black volcanic sand fringed with cafes and eateries serving tongue-tingling Korean BBQ dishes. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Yeosu by taking a ride on the Maritime Cable Car, which connects the city with Dolsan Island. If...

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  • 10 Great Restaurants in Yeosu

    Yeosu is a seafood haven with plenty of regional specialities. Added to the freshly caught ingredients from the clean waters of the South Sea, leaf mustard kimchi and Korean lettuce are Namdo region's unique flavours, creating incredible dishes. If you are not sure of what to eat in Yeosu, the best dishes include marinated crab with rice (gejang baekban), raw...

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  • 6 Best Places to Go Shopping in Yeosu

    Yeosu’s traditional markets and fish markets are mostly gathered in one place, around the Yeondeungcheon Stream in Gyo-dong. Gyodong Market, Seo Market, Fish Market, Seafood Specialty Market, and Jungang Market are popular markets for locals and tourists. Most of the Yeosu markets are characterised by a high proportion of seafood. Fresh fish, dried fish, salted fish, fresh kimchi, and other...

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  • 5 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Yeosu

    Yeosu's night sea is famous for its beauty. At Jongpo Marine Park, centred on Yi Sun-shin Square, you can experience the wonderful night-time sea. The view of the sea at night from the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car is especially breath-taking. The Hamel Lighthouse and the Yeosu Expo Marine Park also face the beautiful sea of Yeosu, creating a unique landscape....

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  • Yeosu Travel Essentials

    Our Yeosu travel essentials guide features all the information you need to plan a memorable trip to this lively and historic Korean city. We will take a look at important things you need to know, such as the best time to travel, emergency numbers, currency and the local climate. You can even discover how to get around Yeosu efficiently whether...

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