Miami is one of the most popular cities in the world but even regular visitors tend to overlook some of its hidden gems. Some may find themselves unsatisfied with only hitting the hot spots in town. There are other great places worth discovering in Miami other than the usual attractions.

    Sometimes, you'll find a unique experience exploring Miami’s lesser-known spots, ranging from entertainment hubs to tranquil temples and curious sights in the waters of Biscayne Bay. Here are great places in Miami that only locals know about and you ought to discover on your next visit.


    Miami Beach Cinematheque

    A cinephile's go-to in South Beach

    Miami Beach Cinematheque is a must-visit if you have a penchant for the films. This intimate South Beach theatre is run by the Miami Beach Film Society, and it showcases indies and classics with seating for only 50 people, which makes for a quiet and intimate viewing experience.

    Showing films is just the beginning though, as this place also occasionally hosts live performances in addition to art exhibitions. You'll also find a café, bookshop, art gallery, and library in the cinematheque.

    Location: 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

    Phone: +1 786-471-3269



    The remnants of a sea community

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    Stiltsville is one of the more curious destinations in Miami, comprising stilt houses in the waters of Biscayne. The collection of 7 houses are about a mile off the coast within Biscayne National Park.

    The houses tower over the water, protected from being submerged thanks to long stilts. You can see them up close by booking a boat tour through the area. You can learn about their fascinating history while imagining what it's like to live in a house surrounded by water and supported by stilts tall enough to protect the floor from waves.

    Location: Key Biscayne, FL 33149, USA

    Phone: +1 305-230-1144


    Wag Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

    A tranquil oasis within the big city

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    At Miami’s Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple, you'll find a tranquil setting that is perfect if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The temple sits on about 5 acres of rural land and boasts impressive southeastern Asian architectural designs including chofas, which are horn-like spires that shine gold in the sunlight.

    Inside the temple, you'll be met with a massive 23-ft-tall image of Buddha in shining gold that was professionally sculpted in Thailand before being shipped to Miami.

    Location: 15200 SW 240th St, Homestead, FL 33032, USA

    Phone: +1 305-245-2702


    PAMM Museum

    Admire contemporary artworks by international artists

    The Perez Art Museum of Miami, or PAMM, is one of the places where you’ll find some of the best contemporary international art around. Miami is a particularly fitting destination for this establishment, as the diversity of the local culture mimics the diversity of works you'll find within the museum.

    The works on display hail from all over the world and were created in the 20th or 21st centuries. You'll even find numerous educational programmes that let you learn more about the African diaspora, the US Latino experience, and more.

    Location: 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA

    Phone: +1 305-375-3000


    Giralda Plaza

    A relaxing hangout spot in Miami

    Giralda Plaza is a quaint and relaxing place to hang out in Miami if you're looking for fun without the crowds. This lovely plaza features numerous shops and tables as its brick walkways put you right in the middle of several other attractions.

    Art installations are also popular here thanks to the Umbrella Sky that was set up in 2018. Visit during the weekend, and you may even find live musical performances being held here or an outdoor screening of a family-friendly film. Whatever the case may be, this plaza is a destination the whole family can enjoy.

    Location: Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA


    Soundscape Park

    A green urban oasis

    SoundScape Park is located next to the New World Centre in Miami and serves as a relaxing retreat from the city. This urban oasis is packed full of open green spaces, walkways, and towering palm trees.

    Not only is the landscape design positively soothing, but your relaxation here can be further enhanced by the enchanting sounds of the classical New World Symphony. The park frequently hosts events and your visit might coincide with an exhibition or musical performance.

    Location: 400 17th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

    Open: 24/7


    Little Haiti Cultural Complex

    Learn about Haitian culture and cuisine

    The Little Haiti Cultural Complex is an exciting place where you can explore Haitian culture and cuisine while being surrounded by vibrant Caribbean architecture. You can find the complex in the Miami community of Little Haiti.

    You can enjoy the local market days by perusing high-quality food and ingredients, or you can stop by for a musical performance as Haitian artists play traditional melodies. There's even a drum class held here that's particularly popular with visitors.

    Location: 212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33137, USA

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +1 305-960-2969


    South Pointe Pier

    One of Miami's most relaxing piers

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    South Pointe Pier is one of the most relaxing of the many piers that you can find around Miami. This is thanks in large part to the lack of any serious crowds here. Even so, there's still plenty to enjoy along the pier.

    If you're interested in fishing, this pier is one of the best spots in the city. Not only do fish bite quite a bit in this area, but the pier offers stations for cutting bait and washing fish. There's even extensive seating that lets you cast out and relax amongst the scenic views.

    Location: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

    Open: Daily from 7.30 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +1 305-673-7779


    Holocaust Memorial

    A grim reminder of a dark chapter in human history

    The Holocaust Memorial in Miami serves as a sombre and grim reminder of one of the darkest chapters in human history. Visiting this immaculately designed memorial puts into perspective the events that touched countless lives all across the world. 

    The memorial itself features a massive outstretched hand sculpture protruding from the earth decorated with life-size models of emaciated and anguished victims. Surrounding the central monument is a pool of water and information plaques and tablets offering essential perspective into the events that took place in the '30s and '40s.

    Location: 1933-1945 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 7 pm

    Phone: +1 305-538-1663


    Bayside Marketplace

    Shopping, views, and more

    While Bayside Marketplace may seem like your typical shopping centre at first sight, it's actually much more. While it does feature more than 120 stores to explore, this mall also offers special features like frequent live music, delicious restaurants, and bars. 

    Additionally, you can enjoy the mall's open container policy and picturesque waterfront views. Keep in mind, however, that this mall is not strictly adult-oriented. In fact, there are many family events that are held here as well, so it offers a wide variety of experiences to enjoy.

    Location: 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA

    Open: Monday–Thursday from 11 am to 8 pm, Friday–Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm

    Phone: +1 305-577-3344


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